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Learn English on our all-in-one English Learner website, offering a range of free online activities from beginner to advanced levels to practise for the Cambridge English exams.

First of all, our activities are 100% free to learn English and you can even go old school and print some of them off to enjoy offline later.

Furthermore, we provide free practice for a wide range of the Cambridge Assessment English Exams along with plenty of exercises at different levels on the CEFR scale and other internationally recognized examinations.

Above all, exercises are added on a regular basis, so you will always find something new to study. We even add new content based on requests from our regular English learners.

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Since vocabulary is a key basis on which language achievement depends, our puzzles offer a solution for learning English vocabulary.

Solving crossword puzzles improves brain function as they give you the ability to think creatively in a more strategic fashion. The other factors are fairly easy to capture. Involving yourself in such a brain-consuming activity helps you vastly by improving your verbal skills, making you solve problems, and causing you to think deeply.

Word and memory games can be addictive as these activities keep us intellectually engaged by getting us to stretch our thinking. They grab our attention, get us to make new connections, and give us the chance to think outside of our mind's box.

Word searches provide a recognition of English letters. Plus, they can reinforce spelling through “decoy” words, or words that almost look like the real word but have some letters out of order. The search for decoy words helps students develop an understanding of context clues in other subjects, as well.