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classroomA1 classroom listening practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A1 Movers (YLE) exam, you will hear a girl and her mother talking about a classroom photo. Put the names in the right places in the photo.

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Look at Part 1. Look at the picture. Listen and look. There is one example.

A: So, what are you doing in this picture? Are you having a lesson?
B: No I am not, as we couldn’t go to the playground because it rained that day. So we had to play in the classroom after we had lunch.
A: That’s a shame, so who’s that?
B: Do you mean the blonde girl who’s drawing the house on the board?
A: Yes, that’s the one.
B: That’s Vicky. She loves drawing.

Can you see her name? This is an example. Now you listen and put the name next to the student.

Question 1
B: Can you see Nick?
A: No, I can’t, so which one is he?
B: Can you see the boy who’s painting a picture? The one with brown hair like me.
A: Oh yes. I can see him now. That’s a great picture of a dolphin.

Question 2
A: Who’s that girl playing on the computer?
B: Which one do you mean?
A: The one with long hair wearing a blue sweater.
B: That’s Sally. She’s playing a spelling game with her best friend.

Question 3
B: And there’s my best friend. His name is Charlie.
A: Is Charlie the one next to a girl with black hair reading a book?me sometimes with math.
B: That’s right. He’s reading a funny book about a clown.

Question 4
A: Look, one boy isn’t very happy.
B: Who do you mean?
A: That boy with brown hair who’s looking out of the window.
B: Oh yeah, that’s Peter. He loves football, but he wanted to play football that day. That’s why he’s so sad.
A: That’s a shame for him.
B: But, he was happy after school because it was sunny and he could play football in the park.
A: That was lucky then for him.

Question 5
A: So, who’s that boy under the desk with an apple?
B: Oh yeah, that’s Ben. I don’t know why is there.
A: Maybe he’s hiding from the teacher.
B: Yeah, he could be.

Now listen to it again.

Here are words and phrases from this activity.

  • best friend
  • blonde hair
  • blue sweater
  • classroom
  • clown
  • computer
  • dolphin
  • drawing
  • funny book
  • hiding from the teacher
  • painting a picture
  • playground
  • spelling game
  • That’s a shame.
  • window
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