A1 In the bedroom

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A1 In the bedroom speaking practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A1 Movers (YLE) exam, you will hear a teacher asking you to spot the difference between two pictures.

in the bedroom

A1 BedroomTranscriptVocabulary

Use this transcript as a guide. 

Teacher: Hello, my name’s Eva.
Student: Hello
Teacher: How old are you?
Student: six / seven / eight / nine etc.
Teacher: Look at these pictures. They look the same, but some things are different. In picture 1, the man in the poster on the wall is playing foot bawl, but in the other picture, the man in the poster is playing tennis.

Teacher: What four other differences can you see? Use the numbers, and hints, to guide you through this part.

Difference 1

Student: He is wearing a red sweater, but he is wearing a green sweater.

Difference 2

Student: He is listening to music, but he is reading a comic.

Difference 3

Student: There is a black cat, but there is a brown cat.

Difference 4

Student: There is a camera on the desk, but there is a camera under the desk.

Here are words and phrases from this activity.

  • bedroom
  • black cat
  • brown cat
  • camera
  • differences
  • green sweater
  • listening to music
  • reading a comic
  • on the desk
  • red sweater
  • under the desk
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