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reading practice, libraryA1 Library listening practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A1 Movers (YLE) exam, you will hear a boy and a man talking about the library. Write the words or numbers in the missing spaces.

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Listen and look. There is one example.

Man: Hello. Can I help you?
Boy: Yes. I need to take a book out of the library for my homework.
Man: OK. Which class are you in?
Boy: Five.
Man: OK, write ‘ five’ here, please.

R Can you see the answer? Now you listen and write.

R One
Man: What’s your name?
Boy: Tony Cloud.
Man: Is that C-L-0-U-D?
Boy: That’s right.

R Two
Man: I know that name, Cloud. Have you got a sister?
Boy: Yes. She’s older than me.
Man: What’s her favourite hobby?
Boy: She loves tennis.

R Three
Man: OK. Now, which book do you need?
Boy: I need this one about pirates. It’s very nice!
Man: OK, please write that here.

R Four
Boy: I have to write about the book that I’m reading.
Man: How many pages must you write?
Boy: Three pages.
Man: Pardon? Three?
Boy: Yes.

R Five
Man: Do you want to take this CD too?
Boy: Yes, please. I like this music.
Man: Good. Do you play the guitar?
Boy: No, I play the piano.
Man: Brilliant! Well done!
Boy: Thank you.

Here are words and phrases from this activity.

  • favourite hobby
  • guitar
  • homework
  • library
  • piano
We regularly add listening and speaking exercises in order to practise for this part of the A1 Movers test.
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