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A1 Movers Part 3 Test 3

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A1 Movers Listening Part 3 Test 3 practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A1 Movers (YLE) exam. You should be able to listen for specific information.

In A1 Movers Listening Part 3 Test 3, there are five short conversations. There is a set of pictures with letters but no words. You have to listen to a conversation between two people and match pictures to one of the names.

Jack is telling his mother about his friends from school and their different hobbies. Which is each person’s favourite hobby? Listen and write a letter in each box. There is one example.


Movers Part 3Audio Script

baseballcinema, new movie, B1 Preliminary Part 2
girl guitarswimming


Ben = D







R: Jack is telling his mother about his friends from school and their different hobbies. Which is each person’s favourite hobby?

Wm: Hi, Jack.
Boy: Hi Mum. I went to visit my friend Ben today. He told me about his family’s new swimming pool! He loves swimming in it. It’s his favourite hobby!
Wm: It’s nice to have a swimming pool! We can’t have one because our garden is very small.

R Can you see the letter D? Now you listen and write a letter in each box.

Wm: What did you do on Saturday? Did you go out with your friend Tom from school?
Boy: Yes. I wanted to watch TV at home, but Tom came to see me and we went to the cinema near our house. We watched a funny film with some friends from school. Tom loves going to the cinema. He goes to the cinema every Saturday.
Wm: That’s nice.

Wm: How is Sally, your friend from school?
Boy: She’s is very happy. Her parents bought her a new skateboard for Christmas. We play tennis together at school. I like tennis a lot, but she loves skateboarding.
Wm: It’s a nice sport but she has to be careful not to fall and hurt herself.

Boy: My friend Bill lives in a village near a lake. He enjoys going for a walk in the forest near the lake! Every weekend they go to the lake with his father and they catch a lot of fish! That’s his favourite hobby.
Wm: That’s nice! They don’t need to buy any fish! That’s a good hobby!
Boy: Yes, but I think it’s boring!

Wm: Did you go out with your friend Ann yesterday?
Boy: Yes, we went to watch a film and we also had ice-cream.
Wm: What’s her favourite hobby? Going to the cinema?
Boy: No. She loves playing the guitar. She goes to classes every Monday and Tuesday.

Wm: Did you talk to your friend Charlie in the morning? What did he want?
Boy: He asked me to go and play football with him tomorrow afternoon at the playground.
Wm: Is he a good player? Do you often play football with Charlie?
Boy: Yes, he is a good player. He likes swimming a lot, but his favourite hobby is football. Every Friday we go to the playground with him to play football.

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