A1 Movers Reading Part 4 Set 2

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A1 Movers Reading Part 4 Set 2

This is A1 Movers Reading Part 4 Set 2 practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A1 Movers (YLE) exam. It is aimed at students at an elementary level of English. Students should be able to read and understand a factual text and use simple grammar.

There is a choice of words where each word is missing, there is a choice of three possible answers. You have to decide which answer is the correct word in the gap.
A1 Movers Reading Part 4 Set 2

There are 5 questions. Choose the right words from the three chooses available.

Animals in cold parts of the world

We don't see many animals in the coldest parts of the world, but polar bears, which are white, live in really cold places.

Brown bears (1) when the  weather is very cold. (2) don't wake up or eat any food.

When the weather starts getting cold, some birds fly (3) hotter countries, but penguins are very happy in the snow!

Snowshoe rabbits are really clever!  (4) the weather's very cold and there's snow on the ground, (5) animal's fur changes from brown to white!


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