A1 Movers Part 4 Set 4 | Reading & Writing

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Practice English with this A1 Movers Part 4 Set 4 this is part of the Cambridge English Young Learners Test (YLE) examination. It is aimed at students at an elementary level of English. Students should be able to read and understand a factual text and use simple grammar.

There is a text with some missing words (gaps). There is a choose of words where each word is missing, there is a choice of three possible answers. You have to decide which answer is correct word in the gap.

A1 Movers Part 4 Set 4

There are 5 questions. Choose the right words from the three chooses available.










People all around the world play football but the first people (1)   played football lived in England. Did you know that in many games, football players (2)  about eight kilometres!

The game is called football in most countries but in America and Canada some people call (3) soccer. Another name for football is 'the beautiful game'.

One of the most famous football players is called Cristiano Ronaldo. He's a fantastic player. He could kick a ball really well (4)  he was only five. You can read about him (5) the internet.


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