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A1 Offers and suggestions

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Let’s learn to make offers and suggestions. You can also give orders and instructions.

imperatives,open door

Please open the door.

Learn the grammar to be successful in the Cambridge Assessment English A1 Movers test.


  1. Complete the sentences in the flashcards.
  2. Complete exercise 1.
  3. Complete exercise 2.
  4. Look at our examples.

A1 Imperatives

Flash CardsExercise 1Exercise 2Examples

Giving orders and instructions

You use imperatives to make people do things. You use the basic form of the verb.

  • Come in! Have a cup of tea.
  • Put your coat on.
  • Take only one.

Making offers and suggestions

You use imperatives for offers.

  • Have a drink.
  • Have some cakes

You use imperatives for invitations.

  • Come to my party on Saturday.
  • Stay for lunch.

You use imperatives for instructions.

  • Take the first road on the left.
  • Take your books out.

You use imperatives for suggestions.

  • Enjoy your holiday!
  • Have a good time!

Imperatives can be impolite.

  • Be quiet!
  • Sit down!

You use please to be polite:

  • Please sit down!
  • Please be quiet!

You can also use. Could you or Can you please to be polite:

  • Could you give me a glass of water?
  • Can you give me a glass of water, please?

You make a negative with Don’t:

  • Don’t stand up!
  • Don’t worry.
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