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sportsA1 Playing Sport listening practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A1 Movers (YLE) exam, you will hear a girl and a woman talking about going to a sports centre to play some sport. Put the names in the right places in the photo.

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Look at Part 1. Look at the picture. Listen and look. There is one example.

Girl: Look at this picture I took last Sunday when I went to the sports centre with some of my friends.
Woman: That’s a great picture.
Girl: Thanks. Can you see Vicky?
Woman: Which one is she?
Girl: She’s the girl who’s playing basketball.
Woman: Oh yes. Has she got long blond curly hair?
Girl: Yes, she has.

Can you see her name? This is an example. Now you listen and put the name next to the student.

Question 1
Girl: My best friend Jack is playing soccer.
Woman: Which one is he?
Girl: He is the one who’s wearing a green Tee shirt. He has short black hair.
Woman: Oh yes, I can see him.
Girl: He’s very good at soccer.

Question 2
Woman: Look. There is another boy playing soccer.
Girl: Do you mean the one who’s wearing the red pants?
Woman: Yes. What’s his name?
Girl: His name is Ben. He’s in my class at school.

Question 3
Girl: Can you see my friend Lily?
Girl: She’s playing tennis. She’s the tallest girl in our class.
Woman: I think, I can see her now. Is she wearing a pink skirt?
Girl: Yeah, that’s right.

Question 4
Woman: There is one child not doing sport.
Girl: Who do you mean?
Woman: That girl who’s sitting under the tree.
Girl: Oh yeah, that’s Anna. I think she was tired on that day.

Question 5
Girl: And there’s my cousin, Kim.
Woman: Which one is she?
Girl: She is watching the basketball game. She’s the girl with the shorter hair who’s smiling. Can you see her?
Woman: Oh yes. Is she wearing a purple hat?
Girl: Yeah, she is.

Now listen to it again.

Here are words and phrases from this activity.

  • basketball
  • child
  • cousin
  • playing sport
  • purple hat
  • red pants
  • soccer
  • tennis
  • tired
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