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A2 Comparing: using -est and most

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A2 Comparing using ‘-est’ and ‘most’, shows us how to use adjectives (old, young) to compare three or more people or things.


Learn how to use comparisons to be successful in the Cambridge Assessment English A2 Flyers test.

A2 Comparing: using -est and most

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The Comparative: Using -est and most

  • if comparing we add -est to an adjective: Jane is the oldest.
  • we use the most in front of an adjective for comparing: This watch is the most expensive.

Adjectives with one syllable
old → older → the oldest
cheap → cheaper → the cheapest
large → larger → the largest

Adjectives that end in -y
pretty → prettier → the prettiest
funny → funnier → the funniest

Adjectives with two or more syllables
famous → more famous → the most famous
important → more important → the most important
interesting → more interesting → the most interesting

Irregular comparative adjectives
good → better → the best
bad → worse → the worst
far → farther/further → the farthest/furthest

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