A2 Flyers Reading Part 2 Set 2

A2 Flyers Reading Part 2 Set 2

This is A2 Flyers Reading Part 2 Set 2 practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 Flyers (YLE) exam.Students should be able to read and complete a continuous dialogue.

There is a short conversation between two people. Everything that the first speaker says is on the question paper, with gaps for the second speaker’s answers. For each gap, you have to choose the correct answer from a list.
A2 Flyers Reading Part 2 Set 2

Part 2

– 5 questions –

Jack is talking to Anna. What does Anna say? Read the conversation and choose the best answer (A–H) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.
Jack: Hello Anna. Why weren’t you at school yesterday?
1 Jack: What was the matter? Did you have a sore throat?
2 Jack: I hate being ill.
3 Jack: In our Maths lesson, we had to answer some really difficult questions.
4 Jack: I can come to your house after school if you like.
5 Jack: Have you got any games that we can play?


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