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A2 Flyers Reading Part 3 Exercise 2

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A2 Flyers Reading Part 3 Exercise 2 is about a birthday party for the A2 Flyers (YLE) exam where you read for specific information and gist in the text.

birthday party

For A2 Flyers Reading Part 3 Exercise 2, there is a text about a birthday party with some missing words (gaps) in it (a noun, adjective or verb). You have to choose the correct word for each gap. For the last question, you have to choose the best title from a choice of three possible titles.
Read the story about a birthday party. Choose a word next to numbers 1–5 and then at the end choose a title for the story.

Last Sunday Maria went to visit her Aunt Rose. "It's Mum's birthday tomorrow," said Maria, "And I want to give her a (1)  and a cake, but I'm not very good at cooking. Can you make a cake for me, please?"

"I'm sorry," said Aunt Rose, "I don't have much time today. I have to (2)  after my neighbours two dogs and wash the car."

"I'll do that," said Maria. "Will you make a cake for me, please?"

"OK," said Aunt Rose.

So Maria took the dogs for a walk and feed them. She washed the car too. Then she (3) with the dogs in the garden.

When the cake was (4) , Aunt Rose went to find Maria. She laughed when she saw that Maria was sleeping on the sofa with the dogs fast (5) too.

6. Now choose the best name for the story.


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