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A2 Flyers Reading Part 4 Exercise 1

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This is A2 Flyers Reading Part 4 Exercise 1 practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 Flyers (YLE) exam. Students should be able to read and understand a factual text about chickens.

There is a text with some missing words (gaps). Next to the line where each word is missing, there is a choice of three possible answers. You have to decide which answer is correct and copy the word into the gap.


Read the text about chickens. Choose the right words in the gaps.


Chickens live in many places in the world. People have chickens for their eggs and their meat. People (1) have chickens for pets because of their beautiful wings and tails. There are more chickens in the world (2) any other bird. Chickens don't fly very much, but they can fly a little (3) they think something is dangerous.

Chickens eat insects, food that we don't (4) and different kinds (5) plants and grass.(6) zoos have chickens to eat the insects in the animals' cages.

Baby chickens are called 'chicks'. Chicks grow in eggs (7) they are big enough to come out. They stay in the eggs for 21 days, and the mother chicken sits on the eggs to make (8) warm. After 21 days, the chicks break out of the egg and slowly try to walk and fly. Sometimes they fall (9) ! They usually stay with their mother to learn about the things that they can eat and about (10) they can go.


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