A2 Flyers Part 4 Set 2 | Reading & Writing

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Practice English for free with this A2 Flyers Part 4 Set 2 this is part of the A2 Flyers Cambridge English Young Learners Test (YLE) examination. It is aimed at students at a pre-intermediate level of English.

There is a text with some missing words (gaps). There is a choice of three possible answers. Students have to choose which answer is correct in the gap.

A2 Flyers Part 4 Set 2

– 10 questions –
Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines.

The Hippo

This kind of animal has an interesting name. We call it a hippo, but its long name is ‘hippopotamus’. Hippopotamus  (1)  ‘river horse’. It has that name because hippos spend lots (2)  time in the water and their ears look like horses’ ears. They like (3) grass too. But hippos are much bigger (4) horses. The only animal in the world that (5)  a bigger mouth is a whale! A hippo is sometimes a dangerous animal but it is not always brave. It will often run to the water (6)  hide. When it’s swimming, its nose, eyes and ears are above the water (7)  it can still smell, see and hear. When a hippo decides to go under the water, it closes its nose and walks on the bottom of the river (8)  it can find plants to eat. It’s easy for a hippo to stay under the water (9)  eight minutes! Hippos (10)  not eat meat. Their favourite food is river plants and different kinds of grass, and they usually only eat at night.


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