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A2 Flyers Practice Test

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A1 Movers Practice TestWelcome to our free A2 Flyers Practice Test for the Reading and Writing section, which tells you if you are ready to take the Cambridge English A2 Flyers at your local centre.

The A2 Flyers Practice test is a free test designed for students between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. It will take about 30-40 minutes to complete, and it will suggest if you are ready to take the test. You can opt to receive your results by email.

A2 Flyers Practice Test

Press the next button once you have completed each section. When you complete the test, press the submit button.

Part 1


- 10 questions -

Look and read. Choose the correct words.


This person can fly to the moon in a rocket.an astronaut


1People go to this place when they want to get some money.
2It is this person's job to write about news in a newspaper.
3We use this for the window of buildings. You can see through it.
4Players in this game throw, catch and hit the ball on a sports field.
5Things like necklaces, watches and rings are made of this.
6Some people like this in their tea or coffee, and they put it in with a spoon.
7People don’t usually play this game in teams. They use a small, hard white ball.
8This comes from trees, and we make tables and chairs from it.
9You go to this place when you are feeling ill.
10You find this in cities and towns, and you pay to use it.

Part 2


- 5 questions -

Jack is talking to Anna. What does Anna say? Read the conversation and choose the best answer for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters.



Jack:Hello, Anna. Why weren't you at school yesterday?
Anna:Hello, Jack. I was feeling ill, so I stayed in bed.


1Jack:What was the matter? Did you have a sore throat?
2Jack:I hate being ill.
3Jack:In our Maths lesson, we had to answer some really difficult questions.
4Jack:I can come to your house after school if you like.
5Jack:Have you got any games that we can play?

Part 3

- 6 questions -

Read the story about a birthday party. Choose a word next to numbers 1–5, and then, at the end, choose a title for the story.

birthday party

Last Sunday Maria went to visit her Aunt Rose.

"It's Mum's birthday tomorrow," said Maria, "And I want to give her a (1) and a cake, but I'm not very good at cooking. Can you make a cake for me, please?"

"I'm sorry," said Aunt Rose, "I don't have much time today. I have to (2) after my neighbour's two dogs and wash the car."

"I'll do that," said Maria. "Will you make a cake for me, please?"

"OK," said Aunt Rose.

So Maria took the dogs for a walk and fed them. She washed the car, too. Then she (3) with the dogs in the garden.

When the cake was (4) Aunt Rose went to find Maria. She laughed when she saw that Maria was sleeping on the sofa with the dogs fast (5) too.

Now, choose the best name for the story.



Part 4

- 10 questions -

Read the text about ducks. Choose the right words in the gaps.


There are many different kinds of ducks, and they (1) on the lakes and rivers of the world. They have short legs and feet, which are good (2) moving in the water, but not very good for walking or running.

Ducks often dive (3) the water to get their food. They fly to different places to find food, too. Ducks eat insects, small fish and (4) small creatures. Some people have ducks because (5) eggs and meat are good to eat. People also have some kinds of ducks because they like (6) at their beautiful colours.

Ducks (7) places for their eggs out of grass, on the ground or little islands. After (8) a month, baby ducks come out of the eggs. Baby ducks are called 'ducklings'. The mother duck takes the ducklings (9) the water after 4 weeks for their first swim. The ducklings can fly (10) they are three months old.

Part 5

- 7 questions -

Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

start school

Maria's starts school

My name is Pedro, and my sister's name is Maria. Monday was the first day of school after the holidays, so we got up at seven o'clock. We put our new books into our school bags, and I had breakfast. Maria couldn't eat any food because she was worried about starting school. I said, 'Don't be afraid, Maria, you will like going to school.' Maria smiled and held my hand.

The bus came early so we had to run to catch it. On the bus, we sat down and put our school bags on the floor. The bus started suddenly, and everything fell out of our school bags! There was a woman behind us, and she picked up one of our books. She read Maria's name on the front of it, and then she smiled. She said, 'Hello, Maria, I'm your new teacher. My name's Mrs Lester.' We were very surprised. Mrs Lester asked some more questions, and then, in a few minutes, we arrived at school. Mrs Lester said. 'I'll see you in class, Maria,' and Maria smiled a big smile. I asked Maria, 'Are you feeling worried now?' and she laughed and said, ' No! But there's just one problem - I'm hungry~ Where's the school snack shop?'

I think that Maria will be happy at our school.


Maria is Pedro's sister. Pedro and Maria got up at seven o'clock because it was the first day of school.


1. The children put their in their school bags.

2. Maria felt school, so she didn't have anything for breakfast.

3. Maria and Pedro had to run because the bus .

4. When the bus , everything fell out of the children's school bags.

5. The woman on the bus Maria's book and then read the front of it.

6. Maria's new teacher is called .

7. Maria was hungry so she wanted to find the school's .

Part 6

- 5 questions -

Read the email and write the missing words. Write one word only.


Dear Kim,

How are you?

I'm  (1) holiday with my family in the mountains.

There's a small lake in the mountains, and a waterfall goes onto it.

Yesterday, we sailed to the waterfall, and I (2) some great photos of my sister and me in front of it.

In the evening, we (3) dinner at a lovely restaurant by the lake.

Tomorrow we're going to visit a famous old castle (4) the top of a mountain and then we're going to go skiing.

I (5) never done that before, so I'm very excited!




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