A2 Key Reading Part 4 Set 3

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This is A2 Key Reading Part 3 Section 1 Set 8 practice for the Cambridge Assessment English (KET) examination.

This is our A2 Key Reading Part 4 Set 3 for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 KEY examination. This about Harry a young businessman who is selling jam.

This is a long text. This part of the examination assesses your ability to read to understand the detail and main ideas of a text.

A2 Key Reading Part 4 Set 3

Read the article about a boy who became a businessman at 14 and then answer the questions.
For the questions choose A, B or C.

Harry's first business!

Harry enjoyed art most at school. He liked maths and music too, but because it was hard for Harry to spell words correctly or to understand texts, he didn't enjoy being at school. In English, he had lots of problems. So, when Harry was 12, his parents decided he should leave school and be taught differently at home. There, he learnt about business and working on computers, and spent more time happily studying art, exercising and practicing on his violin.

Harry's grandmother started teaching him to cook too, which, like his mother and aunt, he really enjoyed doing. One day, she told him her secret way making jam. Harry made too much for the family to eat so he took it to other people in his street. He made more and more jam. It tasted so good that his parents' friends started buying it from him. Harry added all his costs together then decided on a price. Then he made a business plan on the computer with help from his dad. His jam is now sold at a weekly market. It tastes wonderful and it's healthy because Harry uses grape juice instead of sugar to make it.

‘I'm still only 14 but I'm already a businessman!' Harry laughs. 'Last week I earned £98 because 87 different customers bought 52 kilos of my jam, and a supermarket wants to sell it too. My career is in jam-making, I think!"

1. Harry had problems in his English lessons because
2. After he was 12. Harry was taught.
3. After he left school, Harry had more time to play.
4. Who told Harry the secret way to make jam?
5. Who did Harry give the extra jam to?
6. Where can people now buy Harry's jam?
7. How much jam did Harry sell last week?


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