A2 Key Reading Part 4 Set 4

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This is our A2 Key Reading Part 4 Set 4 for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 KEY examination. This about Tom an international skateboarder.

This is a long text. This part of the examination assesses your ability to read to understand the detail and main ideas of a text.

A2 Key Reading Part 4 Set 4

Read the article about a boy who became a businessman at 14. Then answer the questions.
For questions, 1 -7,  choose A, B or C.

Tom Barry – international skateboarder!

Tom Barry is 17 and started skateboarding when he was nine. He grew up in New York where he practised hard and won his first competition when he was fourteen.

He was lucky. A writer from SKATE IT! magazine watched him that day, then wrote an article about him. 'They even made a video of me!' Tom said. 'I left school last year and now the magazine is playing me to practice and to skateboard in international competitions. But I am not doing this for money. I’m doing this because it’s so much fun.'

Tom has just returned from Japan. Skateboarding is the third most popular sport for boys aged 12-16 in the USA but in Japan, it is less well-known.

'I took my skateboard out onto the city street and the traffic stopped as people watched me!' Tom said. 'The problem for skateboarders in Japan is that there aren’t many places where they can practice outside. Skateparks are usually inside big buildings in large cities, so street skating is difficult there. But things are changing. I loved the trip and hope to go back to Japan to skate there again very soon.

1. A magazine journalist saw Tom on the day he won his first competition.
2. Tom is in his last year at school.
3. Tom is lucky because he often wins international competitions.
4. Earning lots of money is important to Tom.
5. Skateboarding is becoming more popular in Japan than in the United States.
6. Some drivers stopped to watch Tom when he skateboards on the street in Japan.
7. Tom said it is difficult to find skateparks outside the big cities in Japan.


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