Aims of

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Our aims

aimsFirst of all, the aims of are to improve your English and for you to develop a better understanding of the culture associated with learning a language to a proficient level.  As a result, you will start to experience success in the classroom, workplace, or on your travels.  Even though, the primary focus is for people studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL), native English speakers will find some interesting activities too. Especially, if are you are using English for the workplace. Here you will find ways to use the right language to get the job done with a variety of activities. You will find quizzes, word games and word puzzles to keep your motivation high in your studies.

Latest Technology

latest technologySecondly, it is important to give you access to the latest technology to assist you with your learning and all our features are regularly updated. We add activities on a daily basis so you can visit us regularly to see new content.

We have a growing social network community and we always welcome requests for new content. Apart from our activities, we will also be offering online courses for you to try on our Moodle site in 2022. We will provide free trial courses where you can see if the course is right for you.

Bright Future

bright futureFinally, our aims of are planning a bright future for you to help with your language journey. We are working together with our chosen CMS; Moodle to develop online courses that use the latest online technology with unique content to provide you with a motivating experience.

We will be launching our full suite of online courses in 2022 to improve your English from A1 to B2 levels. Each course will have a native speaker assigned to your course who will assist you in your journey to success. In addition, for people who want a course that is job-related, we aim to add specific courses designed for the language you need for the work you do.