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Read this article about astronauts for the B2 First Use of English Part 3.

space, astronauts

B2 First Use of English Part 3 Set 6 (Astronauts)

This B2 First Use of English Part 3 exercise consists of a text about astronauts in which there are 8 gaps. Each gap represents a missing word or phrase.

1. For questions, 1-8 read the text. Use the word given in capitals in the text to form a word that fits in the gap.


There are two types of astronaut. Some people are (1) (COMMAND) and they fly the spacecraft. Others are carefully trained specialists who conduct scientific experiments of various kinds and also carry out spacewalks to repair damaged (2) (equip). Astronauts must pass a lot of medical tests and be queried in a relevant subject. They have to be willing to live in an (3) (EXTREME) small space and work well with other people. It is possible for experiments to go (4) (DANGER)  wrong, threatening the (5) (SAFE) of the astronauts. They have to be able to react calmly in a difficult situation and they must also be prepared to work hard. The first British astronaut was (6) (USUAL), a woman - most astronauts are male. Helen Sharman got the job after hearing an announcement on the radio. There were 18,000 applicants and, (7) (LUCK) for Helen, she was chosen. She said that the most (8) (AMAZE) thing for her was seeing the Earth from 120 miles into space.


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