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londonThis is a text that looks at the option of going to different shops when on a trip to London. It provides practice for the reading section of the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary exam. 

About 5-10 minutes.Reading Skills.Expanding stage.
Enhanced Accessibility.
Some teenagers are going on a trip to London and want to find good shops to buy clothes. Below are some shops. Decide which would be the most suitable for each teenager. For questions 1-5, choose the correct letter (A-H).

A. The Handy Craft Store is a lovely little store for those creative people who like making things. Great stock of kits for everything from candle making to making your own jumpers! Once you get into this paradise of creativity, you will be fascinated by all the things you can do.

B. The Great London Shop is a small shop in Regent Street, which sells quality goods for the choosy tourist. It has a great selection of the usual tourist items, including lovely Rose teapots and cups plus a full selection of teas. For the collector, there are model vehicles of every model from Rolls Royce to Minis.

C. Magic Music is a shop café just off Oxford Street where you can just chill out and listen to great music from live bands, or browse the music section for the latest tracks of your favourite artists. Great smoothies and snacks in the café, and great music of every genre!

D. The Riverside Market is not really a market, but more of a group of upmarket shops all under one roof, where you can buy literally anything! Browse around designer and high street shops for lovely clothes. There are sports and camping stores as well as home decoration shops.

E. Golden Oldies is a great store for those who love old things with a bit of history. Even if you can’t afford the prices, it’s a great place to wander around and look at antique clothes and jewellery. You might even be able to pick up old musical instruments, but that depends on luck and your budget!

F. Total Target is a great store to suit all budgets. On the first floor there are casual and sports clothes for those who don’t want to spend a fortune to look good. On the second floor, there is equipment for the serious sportsman who wants quality and style. Great student discounts!

G. The Wildlife Foundation Charity Shop is the perfect place to shop if you like to be a bit alternative and give your money to a good cause. With an amazing selection of books and magazines from 50p to £2.00, you can’t beat the prices. Lots of great clothes, jewellery and bits and pieces.

H. The Old Bazaar is a great way to spend your day. An old enclosed warehouse has been turned into a market with 200 different sellers selling everything from jewellery to vintage music and instruments. Spend your day wandering around and sit in one of the four cafes and watch the world go by!


Question 1 of 5

1. Sofia wants to buy presents. Her father collects models of old cars and her mother likes traditional English things. She has saved money to buy something nice.

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2. Isabella is worried that a day won't be enough time to do her shopping. She wants to buy a nice dress for her sister’s wedding and she has promised her brother a new sleeping bag for camping. Money is not a problem.

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Question 3 of 5

3. Jack has been saving up to buy cool clothes in London. He plays a lot of sports so he wants casual clothes. He likes well-known brands that are of good quality and doesn’t mind paying for something different.

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Question 4 of 5

4. Martina wants to buy some books in English to help her reading skills. She also wants to buy clothes and small gifts for her family. She can’t spend too much. She likes different things from the high street stores.

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Question 5 of 5

5. Petro collects vinyl records from the 1960s and 70s and also has started collecting old posters of music stars. He doesn’t have much to spend and he is happy to spend most of the day looking at vintage things.

Question 5 of 5


Here are new words and phrases from this exercise for the B1 Preliminary Part 2 reading section of the test:

  • antique clothes
  • browse
  • choosy tourist
  • creative people
  • discounts
  • genre
  • high street shops
  • home decoration
  • lovely little store
  • paradise of creativity
  • serious sportsman
  • smoothies
  • upmarket shops
  • vintage music and instruments
  • warehouse
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