Sailing around the World

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B2 First Listening

Sailing around the World is our first exercise for the B2 First Listening Test Part 2 set at an Upper Intermediate Level of English where you listen to a person being interviewed.

Sailing around the World

You will hear part of a radio interview with a woman who sailed around the world on her own. Complete the sentences.

Cambridge English: First (FCE) Exam Preparation 2017 - Listening Paper - Part 2

Anna was employed by a (1) when she first started sailing. The idea of sailing around the world came from a book called (2) .

Anna spent some time (3) the boat before taking it to sea. Anna treated her boat on a trip which lasted for only (4) because it was damaged.

Anna got the money she needed to make the trip from various (5) companies. Anna's worst problem during the trip was when she felt (6) because the boat was going so slowly.

Anna found the (7) in the Southern Ocean the most exciting part of the trip. On her return, Anna phoned the (8) to ask for a certificate.

Anna's claim was doubted because she hadn't been in contact with people on (9) during her trip. Anna's story was finally believed after her (10) had been checked.


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