Newly Published Book

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B2 First Listening

Newly published book is our third exercise for the B2 First Listening Test Part 2 set at an Upper Intermediate Level of English where you listen to a person being interviewed.

Newly Published Book

You will hear part of a radio programme onwhich a reviewer talks about a newly published book about a woman called Natalie Hardcaster. For questions 1-10, complete the sentences.

Natalie Hardcastle and her sons lived in a house which had no running water or (1). Natalie's childhood dreams of Olympic fame were ended by a (2) .

When she met Tony Hardcastle, he was rich (3) and a racing driver.

Tony's risky business deals led to financial (4) leaving Natalie and her family penniless.

He went to (5) to try to become a racing driver again.

Natalie then decided to start a travelling (6) and beauty parlour in the back of a van.

At weekends, Natalie travelled to small outback towns in the van, taking (7) with her.

When Tony returned and make her give up her business, she soon ran out of (8) .

Tony died suddenly in a (9) and left huge debts.

The book made the reviewer think more positively of her own (10) .


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