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bedroomBedroom listening practice for the Cambridge Assessment English Pre A1 Starters (YLE) exam  where you will hear two people talking about a bedroom picture. Put the colours in the right places on the picture.


Look at the picture. Listen and look. There is one example.

A: Can you see the bedroom? Would you like to colour the picture?
B: OK. I’d love to.
A: Can you see the boy on the floor?
B: Yes, I can.
A: There’s a shell behind him. Can you colour it blue?
B: Yeah, OK.

Can you see blue on the shell behind the boy? This is an example. Now you listen and put the colour on the shells

Question 1
A: Okay. Can you see the shell under the bed?
B: Yeah, it’s next to some shoes.
A: That’s right. Can you put red on it?
B: OK, yeah. I’m putting red on it now.
A: Well done.

Question 2
A: Now, there’s a shell between the robot and the boat. Can you see it?
B: No, where is it?
A: It’s on the floor between the robot and the boat.
B: Oh, yeah. There it is.
A: So, please put yellow on it.
B: OK.

Question 3
B: So, what next?
A: So, can you see the toy box?
B: Yeah, there are a lot of toys in it. I like the alligator.
A: And there’s a shell. Can you see it?
B: Yes, I can.
A: Yes, OK. Put green on it then.
B: OK. I’m putting green on it now.

Question 4
B: So, what next?
A: Right. Now find the shell on the bed. Can you see it?
B: The shell on the bed? Yeah, here it is.
A: That’s right. can you put brown on it, please?
B: Brown. OK. Here you go.
A: Nice, you’re doing really well.

Question 5
A: Right, this is the last one. So, look at the bookcase. Can you see the girl?
B: Yes, and I can see the girl. She’s trying to get the train.
A: Yes, that’s right. Can you see the shell? It’s next to the tiger.
B: Oh yeah. There it is.
A: Good, now how about putting purple on it?
B: OK. I’m putting purple on it now.
A: Brilliant. You’ve done a great job, we’ve finished now.

Now listen to it again.

Here are words and phrases from this activity.

  • alligator
  • bed
  • bedroom
  • boat
  • bookcase
  • floor
  • get the train
  • robot
  • shells
  • shoes
  • tiger
  • toy box
  • under the bed
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