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board gamesWelcome to our free lesson board games to give you practise for the IB English Language B exam. This is just one of the many lessons available to reinforce your learning so you feel confident when the IB English Language B exam day arrives. Our lessons are centred around five prescribed themes; identities, experiences, human ingenuity, social organization and sharing the planet. These themes are featured in the reading, writing, speaking and listening parts of the exam.

Board Games: Listening Practice

listeningIn this lesson, we will practice mainly our listening skills by learning about board games.

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Learning to play a new game has never been so painful. Watch this comedy sketch on how to play the most complicated game.

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Man: All right everybody welcome to game night tonight we’re gonna be playing risky settlers Knights and allies of the Lords of dominion of Earth pandemic addition. Now we’ve all played before but Link this is your first time right.

Man 2:Yeah but I mean just get started. I’m sure I’ll catch on.

Man: Well everybody starts with picking a colour and taking three cards.

Don’t look at it yet. Now we roll the dice when you roll it to that means you get to roll the mega die you roll a 14 that means you get three jumbo resource cards. No, don’t look at them yet. Now we all grab items from the game chest that correspond to our item cards

Man 2: I’ve got a crystal card.

Man: Okay everybody provides two forms of identification. One for you in real life and one for your character in the game.

Man 2: I’ve just got my license.

Man: Well I guess we’ll be playing with a rodent entrapment expansion packet. Now swab your neighbour’s mouth for a DNA sample.

Now, wait for five to ten business days for the results. Okay now check your results and take the corresponding actions. If you got a predisposition to restless leg syndrome and you only get one more card. Now take and eat a piece of waybread. You put your left hand in you put your left hand out. You put your left hand in and you shake it all about.

Man: Now regurgitate your way bread into your money bag. Dodger you get to pop the biosphere to see how many newborns are present for the firstborn prophecy. Two. Okay, the prophecies agree the crystal bearer must retrieve blooming elderberry from the north-facing slope of Mount Glocknerwands. What number am I thinking of?

Man 2: Two

Man: No eight. Now get eight tattooed on your left butt cheek.

Woman: Wait a second you wanted the word eight right like I just ate not the number eight.

Man 2: No

Man: Left-hand ogre. Snake Eyes we get to release the Bandit. Do the cinnamon challenge. Milk yourself. Oh, you lose. Time to cut off your left pinky finger.

Man 2: What?

Man: And there you have it. Guess what crystal bearer you get to go first. Now we just got to figure out who’s gonna be the mayor.

You will hear part of an interview in which two board game enthusiasts called Sarah Walters and Ed Zander are talking about the renewed popularity of traditional board games.

For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, B or C) which fits best according to what you hear.

1. Sarah thinks board games are becoming more popular partly

2. Ed thinks game playing will grow in this century

3. In Sarah's opinion, what is the main attraction of board games?

4. When asked if board-gaming is a world-wide phenomenon, Ed

5. Sarah sees the Game of the Year award as

6. When talking about their own collections of board games, Ed and Sarah agree that


There are some idioms and expression that use ‘game’. Here are a few that you may find useful to add to your vocabulary.

ahead of the gameTo have an advantage over a situation

fair gameSomething that is allowed to take advantage of

give the game awayReveal a secret

name of the gameThe type of activity mentioned

new ball gameA new situation

the game is up The situation is lost and has a negative outcome

You can find more sentences using these phrases here.

Here are the keywords and phrases covered in this lesson:

  • basic simplicity
  • board games
  • catch on
  • collections
  • consumers
  • corresponding actions
  • fundamental changes
  • get started
  • guess what
  • main attraction
  • picking a colour
  • phenomenon
  • popular gaming
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