Cambridge IGCSE ESL Exam Practice

Cambridge IGCSE ESL Practice
Here you can practice for both the core and extended version of the examination. It mainly focuses on the reading and writing section of the exam.

At this level a learner should be able to:

  • communicate confidently in a range of familiar study environments
  • speak and use English with a degree of spontaneity
  • develop their English language skills towards higher level qualifications

Top Tips for Writing

Here we provide you with advice on how to gain the best grades for the IGCSE ESL exam:

More information can be found at the Cambridge Assessment website.
Cambridge IGCSE ESL Exercise 1 (Extended)
Reading exercise. You read a text and answer a series of questions. Answers should be single words or phrases.

Cambridge IGCSE ESL Exercise 2 (Extended)
Reading exercise. You read a text and answer a series of questions testing more detailed comprehension. You must match the correct answer to the question.

Cambridge IGCSE ESL Exercise 3 (Extended)
Note-making. You make brief notes (under a supplied heading or headings) related to the text in the question paper.

Available soon.

Cambridge IGCSE ESL Exercise 4 (Extended)
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