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Camping Trip Listening Exercise. You will hear Matt and Uncle Jack talking about their camping trip, you have to listen and choose the correct answers to the questions. This provides practice for Listening Part 3 of the A2 Key examination.

About 5-10 minutes.Listening to a conversation about a camping trip.Developing stages of learning English.
Listen to the recording twice.
Listening ExerciseTranscript

Matt: Thank you for taking me camping with you last weekend, Uncle Jack.
Uncle Jack: It was great, wasn’t it, Matt? Especially when we went sailing. It was too rough to sail on the sea, but the river was great anyway. Perhaps next time we can try the lake.
Matt: Camping was new for me. I was afraid about it on the first night, but the second night was much better and I actually found it very exciting. My sister wasn’t happy as she wanted to come too.
Uncle Jack: Maybe she can come next time. The cooking was fun too, most of the time. I don’t know how I managed to burn the sausages, but at least the steak and baked potatoes were tasty.
Matt: Yeah, it was a pity about the sausages. What did you think about the campsite?
Uncle Jack: I thought the campsite had a good shop to buy food and things, and the whole area was very beautiful, but it needed new showers as it was quite dirty. What activity did you like best?
Matt: Well, walking up the hill, was OK, but tough. But the mountain biking was amazing, even more fun than swimming in the lake.
Uncle Jack: Yeah, I didn’t know you could swim so well, but you are right about the biking. Absolutely, brilliant.
Matt: I can’t wait to go again.

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