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Please contact us for general enquires or any feedback you would like to give us as we aim to provide the best learning experience for our learners. In order to do this, we welcome feedback about your learning experience. You can do this simply by sharing the post with your friends on your social media. We regular look at what activities are trending in order for us to improve the services for our customers

In addition, we like to hear from you through our contact form if you believe there has been a copyright infringement. Please make sure you submit accurate information stated in the notification document.

We try to answer your enquiries as soon as possible. We welcome requests for new material or designing an online course for a specific purpose. However, it may take some time to process these requests. In addition, all our posts go through a proofreading process, but there are occasions where they may be a few typos. Please let us know. These will be treated with the highest priority in order to maintain our standards.

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