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6. a particular place that you are travelling to (two word phrase)
12. a place that is extremely crowded and blocked with traffic (noun)
10. to continue a journey and go to a different place (three word phrasal verb)
13. a vehicle that makes frequent journeys between two places (noun)
5. to slow down and stop your car (Two word phrasal verb)
14. to go pass a car (verb)


1. on a ship or plane (verb)
4. to travel a long distance every day between you home and work (verb)
7. to go on a difficult journey across the country on foot (verb)
9. a plan of a journey (noun)
11. to go on a long journey or a series of journeys by road (three word phrase)
2. to come down to the ground (verb)
3. to move your vehicle onto the road (two word phrasal verb)
8. a short stay in a place (noun)