Culture Shock Listening Exercise

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Culture Shock listening exercise is a free resource to practice for the new IB Diploma English Language B Listening Paper. We add IB resources for all different English skills on a regular basis.

culture shock, IB English B

Culture Shock for the IB English Language B Listening Test

You will hear a reporter who has just arrived in Beijing after living in Tokyo for two years. It results in him feeling some culture shock.

A. Identify true statements

1-4 According to the reporter, which FOUR of the following statements are true?

A. Crossing a road is more difficult in Japan than in China.

B. In Japan, pedestrians pay little attention to traffic signals when crossing the road.

C. Although he admires many aspects of Japanese culture, he never felt that he was accepted in Japan.

D. Emotions are expressed more openly in China than in Japan.

E. When he was trying to buy a subway ticket in China, the local people were very helpful.

F. He speaks Chinese fluently, so he is confident about his new position in China.

G. He is excited to have the opportunity to learn about and work in another culture.

B. Matching the statements with their sources.

To which country do the following words apply? Choose either “China” or “Japan” next to each statement.

5. “Everyone seems to be in a constant race or scramble to get on top.”

6. “Everyone tries to get ahead of the next guy.”

7. “…… civil and polite”

8. “The sheer scale of the place is both exciting and frightening.”

9. “……their obsession with order and detail”

C. Multiple Choice

Choose the correct statement:

10. The reporter will miss living in Japan


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