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Cycling Scheme, cardboard bike, cycling, cycling for fitnessCycling for Fitness provides you with the opportunity to consider how we take on the sport of cycling for fitness and achievement. These activities are centred around the theme Fitness and Sports from the IGCSE ESL curriculum which explores the way we keep fit and enjoy playing sports.

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Watch a video about the benefits of cycling and other forms of exercise.

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What happens if you cycle daily and work out daily? There are a lot of benefits if you exercise your body and workout on a regular basis but there are many exercises when you do them on a daily basis that has tremendous results. It adds more to your lifestyle and makes life easier for you.

Cycling is one such exercise that you can do and get more tuned up and maintain your weight. Besides being a fun thing to do here is a little something more that cycling as an exercise has to offer. Subscribe to our Channel and show some love by giving us a thumbs up.

If you are short on time and want to go for a ride every day the most suitable way to do that is to fit that in your schedule. It is different than going to your gym and working out. The time you spend in the gym working out requires you to take some extra time from your schedule but riding a bike doesn’t take any time extra.

You can start off in the morning by cycling to work and once you are done with your work you can get back home on your cycle and enjoy a workout at the same time. You cultivate a sharp memory once you start getting used to your morning schedule and use a bike to get to work you will always find yourself prepared ahead of everything. Even if you are having your 30-minute workout schedule you will get stronger reflexes, a sharp memory and a creative way to solve problems and a creative way to think.

You will have improved sexual health and life now that you have an amazing improvement with your mental health with a sharp memory and a more confident personality. You’ll also have a great sexual life as well people who exercise tend to have shown an increment in their sexual drive. This was noticed both in men and women. You get to delay the effects of eating too much. People who tend to exercise on a daily basis have shown less or no effects of eating too much. The secret is that they burn more than they actually consume but that doesn’t really but if you are cycling for a long time. You are fine with having junk food. There is a dire need to look after your diet.

People who cycle daily tend to live a longer and healthier life your daily rides do more than just help you live a healthy and happy life it actually extends the time you can avail while being happy and healthy. Countless studies have revealed that people who do a proper fifteen to thirty-minute workout or cycling on a daily basis have more life expectancy and that of individuals who don’t do any type of exercise or follow a workout.

Routine cycling, running and other physical activities are something that keeps your healthy sound and gives you more years to live. Besides that, it is one of the most economic ways to commute and a workout routine that doesn’t become a burden on you.

Listen to five people talking about cycling and answer the questions.

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You’ll hear five different people talking about a particular subject, and you will be given a list of items which relate to the recordings you now have 30 seconds to look at the questions you.

One: I had a good lead coming up to the last Hill Climb. I thought I had the race in the bag. I was feeling great. The bike was performing well after all the repairs, it had this season. There must have been an accident earlier. For me to meet a traffic jam on such a small country road normally I would have just sped past the slow-moving traffic. If the road had only been a little bit wider. My teammates still congratulated me up to that point. I’d had a good race. I know it was not my fault but still, it really is annoying. I’m so competitive that sort of thing can be really hard to take.

Two: I had been planning to take part in this race all year. I thought I was well prepared but I was only halfway through it when my legs began to seize up. I soon realized that I hadn’t done enough mountain training. In my normal environment, I would have been fine but it was the steep climbs in this race that I wasn’t used to. My muscles just began to tighten up and I realized that if I pushed myself any harder I probably tear a muscle. Yes, it can be disappointing but you have to learn from these experiences and it will make me a better cyclist in the long run.

Three: This is the first time I’ve been offroad mountain biking. The track was quite difficult and I fell off a couple of times. I was wearing all the protective clothing so I wasn’t there. The most painful thing was cycling down the bumpy tracks I tried riding standing up but that gave me a backache. When I fell the second time it was while cycling along a thin track. The bike just slipped from under me and I tumbled down a bank into a large puddle of mud. I got a bit dirty but nothing was broken and I managed to make it to the end of the course very tired and in desperate need of a bath.

Four: I am a keen competitor and I like to enter as many cycle races as I can. In any one year, I was really looking forward to last week’s race because a large part of it is in the Hills. One of my main strengths is uphill cycling so I really fancied my chances. Everything was going fine. I was in a good position and I just started to climb when I had a problem with my front wheel. If the support team would have been doing their job properly they should not have been a bigger issue. They took too long to get to me and then they fiddled about for far too long adjusting my front wheel. When I did finally get going again it was all too late I ended up being one of the last to finish. This was disappointing for me, I thought it was going to be my day.

Five: I’d spent a lot of time training this year not just on the bike but a lot of hours in the gym after I strained a muscle. In training, my trainer told me to take it a little easier. He didn’t want me to burn out before I’d started racing in the end of he got the balance right and I went into the race feeling great. This was one of the toughest races of the season you’ll push to your limit in races like this. The training was paying off though I was feeling good and I was well placed in the leading group. That’s when I heard a crunching sound and then the gears just jammed. I jumped off and tried to fix it but the race was over for me. The bike was in a bad state. I was so angry and disappointed. I never expected the bike to let me down.

Here are the words and phrases covered in this lesson about cycling for fitness:

  • benefits
  • competitor
  • cycling for fitness
  • keen cyclist
  • life expectancy
  • mental health
  • mountain biking
  • regular basis
  • sharp memory
  • strained a muscle
  • stronger reflexes
  • tuned up
  • workout routine
1. A student magazine wants to run some articles about the benefits of cycling. Write an article to the magazine giving reasons why people should take up cycling to get fit.
2.  Write an email to a friend about a new bike that you have recently bought. Describe the bike and explain where you plan to go on it. Invite your friend to join you on one of your rides.

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