Free English Level Test for all ages

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Welcome to our free English level test which suggests the English course to follow.

Free English Level Test

Our English level test is absolutely free. Anyone can take the tests as long as you have 15 minutes to spare. Once finished, it suggests a language level to follow. You can opt to get your results sent to your email.

Live English Level Test Results

14% were graded 'C1 (Advanced)'
24% were graded 'B2 (Upper-Intermediate)'
34% were graded 'B1 (Intermediate)'
21% were graded 'A2 (Pre-Intermediate)'
5% were graded 'A1 (Elementary)'
3% were graded 'Pre A1 Level (Beginner)'

Free English Level Test

Press the next button once you have completed each section. When you complete the test press the submit button.

Read the text about holiday home adverts.

City Flat Beautiful two-bedroom city flat five minutes walk from the cathedral. Fully equipped kitchen, living room with a large sofa and chairs, big TV and balcony. The balcony has space for four people to sit and gets the sun in the mornings, and the flat is light and warm. It has Wi-Fi and fast internet. The upstairs bedroom sleeps four people, with two double beds; the downstairs bedroom sleeps two in single beds. The flat is perfect for families and is near shops, bars and restaurants.
Farmhouse Four-bedroom farmhouse in the countryside. All of the four double bedrooms are en suite with luxury shower and bath. Farm kitchen with barbecue, tables and chairs outside. Great for groups of friends. The supermarket is half an hour by car and you can take a train from the village into the city. Escape from normal life for a few days as we have … NO INTERNET and you can only use mobile phones at the bottom of the garden!

Choose the word to complete the sentence.

  1. The in the flat has everything you need.
  2. Four people can sit on the at the flat.
  3. At the farmhouse, you can have a barbecue .
  4. It takes minutes to drive to the supermarket.
  5. You can only use mobile phones in the .



Read the two exam posters.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Choose the poster that says something about ...

  1. talking
  2. ID cards
  3. the type of pen
  4. arriving early
  5. books

There are eight signs, notices or other very short texts (A–H) and five sentences. You have to match each sentence to the right sign or notice

KET Reading & Writing | Part 1 Set 2

Write the letter after the sentence.

  1. Young people and their parents may choose different meals.
  2. People who are shopping can get something to eat here.
  3. If you need something new to wear, you can buy something here.
  4. You can get a present when you eat here.
  5. You can learn how to make different kinds of food here.

Choose the correct answer from the three choices.

1. What do you have to do?








2. What has changed about the trip to Maldon?








3. What will Sofia's mother do?

Choose the correct preposition.

  1. I live North Road.
  2. I got a puppy my birthday!
  3. She is married a doctor.
  4. You can come me.
  5. We always eat beef Sunday.

Read the article about the countryside. Choose the best word for each space.

Away from the problems (1) the city is the peace and quiet of the countryside. This is often a short drive (2) the air is clear and unpolluted. If you stop at a small village, you will find life is slower than the city (3) relaxed and friendly people.

(4) of the land has crops growing, as well as animals (5) the farms. As you drive further, you might find some areas of natural beauty.

These areas (6) created as National Parks by the government, and here wildlife (7) live and move about safely. It is in these places (8) from the noisy cities, that you can experience the natural beauty of the countryside.

Choose the best word to fit the gap.

The ability to make a work (1) art is one of the most creative things anyone (2) do. It doesn't matter, whether it is a painter creating a landscape painting, (3) a sculptor carving a marble statue, as all artists share the same passion to capture a moment in (4) life that has inspired them.

(5) artist needs to start somewhere. The moment may be (6) home with their first painting set, or in their first art class, but when it comes it will never leave them. However, (7) is unique for every artist is the journey that drives (8) to complete their creation.

There are some artists who just (9) their art at home, whereas others try to earn a living from it. You can take a visit to the local galleries to purchase one. If you are fortunate, you may find yourself (10) bargain. And who knows this artist may be the next Picasso or Van Gogh?

Complete the form with Peter's details.

My name’s Peter Parker. I was born on 20 June 2001. I live at Flat 2A, 84 North Street, London, and my postcode is SE4 5JZ. My mobile number is 08200 329920 and my email address is

  1. First name
  2. Last name (2)
  3. Date of birth (3) (DD/MM/YYYY)
  4. Address (4)
  5. City (5)
  6. Postcode (6)
  7. Phone (7)
  8. Email (8)

Read the school notice and the email. Fill in the information in Will's notes.



School Trip

Name of Place: Science Museum

Date of my trip: (1)

Cost of my trip: (2) €

Take: (3)

Place to catch bus in morning: (4)

Time bus leaves museum: (5)

For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use no more than three words.

1. A professional tennis player trains very hard.

You to train very hard if you are a professional tennis player.

2. To become good at tennis you should practise.

If you practice, you good at tennis.

3. Tennis is more enjoyable to watch than most other sports.

Most other sports are not to watch as tennis.

4. People started playing tennis in the late nineteenth century.

People have been playing tennis the late nineteenth century.

5. Tennis can be played by two or four players.

Two or four players tennis.


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