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Exercise 2 Time Travel

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For IGCSE ESL Exercise 2 Time Travel Core Paper, you have to read texts about people who are talking about traveling in time and decide if the statements are correct about them.

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This IGCSE ESL Exercise 2 Core Paper about time travel is in a computer-based version which is different in format from the paper-based version of the IGCSE ESL Examination.

IGCSE ESL Exercise 2 Time Travel

Read the text below about time travel.  Choose the statements which are correct about the people.

I'd travel back to the year I was born, and live my life again, but only if I could know then what I know now! I'd love to see my parents and grandparents again. I'd persuade my dad to stop smoking, so that he wouldn't die so young. On the other hand, in the present, I have two wonderful grown-up children and two precious grandchildren. Perhaps the answer is to make the best of the present and stop dwelling on the past. If I could visit other times just for a day, I'd love to meet my parents as children, and go into the future to meet the great-great grandchildren, which I may never see.

I would not exchange today for any previous era. I have studied a lot of history and whilst I would be interested in certain eras there would be difficulties. For example, Tudor times - interesting, but as a Catholic I might have had my head chopped off, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries - exciting, but too many petticoats to wear, never mind about corsets. Then there is the lack of education and opportunity for women to consider, and the lack of medical knowledge. No, today is the best time to live. Having said that, I would not mind the opportunity to have tea with the famous writer Miss Austen - she would have been enormous fun.

I have always dreamed of being a sailor in the merchant navy between 1920 and 1940. At that time, travelling to foreign ports like Yokohama, Saigon, Rangoon, Surabaya and such would have been the same as space travel is today. Imagine coming home after a long voyage, and telling the people in the pub all about your travels! You'd have such stories to tell! I have seen the majority of the world's cities now, and most look exactly the same as each other. If you want to travel somewhere that is still unique today, without the time machine, see Asia but steer clear of package tours. And hurry; do it now before it all becomes McDonaldised.

1. Which person is put off by old-fashioned clothes?

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2. Which offers contemporary travel advice?

Question 2 of 8

3. Which person thinks it is best to appreciate the present? 

Question 3 of 8

4. Which person thinks of impressing others?

Question 4 of 8

5. Which person is probably at least 50 years old?

Question 5 of 8

6. Which person would try to help a family member?  

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7. Which person is interested in history?

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8. Which person would like to spend some time with a famous author?

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