The Poor and Less Fortunate

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The poor and less fortunate is an exercise for the B2 First Use of English Part 1 set at an Upper Intermediate Level of English.

poor and needy

B2 First Use of English Part 1 Set 5 (The Poor and Less Fortunate)

This exercise consists of a text about the poor and less fortunate in which there are 8 gaps. Each gap represents a missing word or phrase.

Many of us feel a great deal of (1) for people who are poor or who are less (2) than we are ourselves. We feel that we want to help them in some way, but how?

One way is for us to give them help directly. If, for example, there is an old person living near us who is lonely and who does not have much to live on, we can pay (3) visits to that person and take them (4) . We might make them some cakes or bring a magazine for them to read.

Another way is to (5) to help distribute the food. As often, charities set up places where poor and homeless people can get free food such as hot soup, tea and sandwiches. We can also help at these charity shops, or (6) things to these shops as the profit that is made goes to help the poor.

To sum up, the only thing we can do for the poor is to give money to charities, which (7) them. Therefore, if we donate money to a charity, it may not be as satisfying as helping people directly. However, our financial (8) can help give someone a better life, or may even save a life.


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