B2 First Reading & Use of English | Part 2 Set 6

B2 First Grammar and vocabulary

Set 6 of our practice exercises for the Cambridge English B2 First (FCE) Reading & Use of English Part 2. It is  about the importance of water. The emphasis is on grammar and vocabulary.

It consists of a text in which there are 8 gaps. You are required to draw on their knowledge of the structure of the language and understanding of the text in order to fill the gaps.

The importance of water

Fill in the missing words.

Water is an essential part of life. All plants and animals, including humans, contain a great deal (1) water. There is more (2) two-thirds of the human body is composed of water.

Without water, humans, animals and plants cannot survive. People cannot live (3) more than four days without water. However, they can stay alive much longer than that without food.

A large part of the earth is covered in water. Indeed, there is much more water than land. More than 70% of (4) surface of the earth is covered by oceans and seas.

Because water is so common (5) many parts of the world we often take it for granted. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. In many countries, (6) as East Africa, there is often a drought. This can lead to a famine because crops die without water. In addition, not all water is safe to drink (7) to containing dangerous bacteria and harmful chemicals.

It is tragic (8) so many people do not have access to a clean drinkable supply of water. The richer governments of the world should offer aid to help poorer countries to provide a safe water supply.

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