Cambridge English First

Exam Practice

This page will help you practise for the Cambridge English First Certificate in English (FCE). It is targeted at Level B2, which is Upper Intermediate on the CEFR scale. CEFR Level B2 is the level of English required to develop independent English language skills for many intermediate academic settings. At this level a learner should be able to communicate confidently in a range of familiar study environments, speak and use English with a degree of spontaneity and develop their English language skills towards higher level qualifications.



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What can candidates do at Level B2?

  • CAN identify the expression of feelings and attitudes such
  • CAN express views, feelings, and opinions effectively inas criticism, disapproval, agreement, and so on.
  • CAN start, have and end conversations on familiar topics.
  • CAN find relevant information in texts.

Exercises available: