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Five Conversations Set 1

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Five Conversations Set 1 Listening Exercise. Listen to people talking about different things happening in their life and then answer the questions afterwards. This provides practice for Listening Part 1 of the A2 Key examination.

About 5-10 minutes.Listening to different people speaking.Developing stages of learning English.
Listen to the recording.
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1. What time is Emma going out?

Question 1 of 5

2. Who is Amy talking to on his mobile?

Question 2 of 5

3. Why is the boy tired?

Question 3 of 5

4. What will the weather be like on Saturday?

Question 4 of 5

5. Which subject will they have first today?

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Five Short Conversations Set 1

1.  What time is Emma going out?
Are you going out with your friends after dinner tonight, Emma?
Emma: Yes, I’m planning to go out at five past eight.
Mom: OK. We can eat a little earlier at six-fifty then.
Emma: That’s great. Thanks, mom.
Mom: But make sure you’re back by ten-fifteen as you have school in the morning.

2. Who is Amy talking to on her mobile?
Mum, who’s Amy phoning? Is she calling Uncle Jack about borrowing his tent?
Mum: She’s talking to her new classmate Emma, about some science project they are working on. Have you done your homework?
Boy: I’m doing my English project with Harry, remember? He’s coming around a bit later so that we can finish it off together.
Mum: Oh yeah. I forgot he was coming round.

3. Why is the boy tired?
You look tired today, Did you play baseball after school?
Boy: We were supposed to, but the other team didn’t turn up. I think their bus broke down or something.
Girl. That’s a shame.
Boy: Yeah, plus by the time I left school. I missed the last bus home.
Girl: So, how did you get home?
Boy: I had to walk. It took over an hour.
Girl: Oh dear! That’s why you are tired then.

4. What will the weather be like on Saturday?
Boy: I’m going camping near the lake on Saturday with my uncle. Do you want to come?
Girl: Isn’t it going to rain on Saturday?
Boy: I heard, it will rain on Friday and be sunny on Saturday.
Girl: OK. I’ll go with you then. When will you come back?
Boy: We’ll be back on Sunday evening before the storm.

5. Which subject will they have first today?
Hi Amy. Have you seen the new timetable for today?
Girl: No, aren’t we having English first? That’s what we usually do on Tuesday as soon as we get to school.
Boy: Maths is the second lesson, before History which is the first lesson.
Girl: Really! Anyway, I finished my history homework, so that was lucky.

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