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Five Conversations Test 2

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five conversationsFive conversations Test 2 practice for the Cambridge Assessment English Pre A1 Starters (YLE) exam.  For each conversation, there is a question and three pictures. You need to listen carefully to each conversation and choose the right answer (A, B or C).


Listen and choose the correct one.  

1. What’s Kim wearing?

Answer =

2. Where’s Dad’s mobile phone?

Answer =

3. What does Tony want for dinner?

Answer =

4. What sport does Bill play at school?

Answer =

5. Which is Sue’s bike?

Answer =



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Five Conversations Test 2

Look at the pictures. Now listen and look.

Question One – What’s Kim wearing?
Miss Green, do you like my new T-shirt?
B: Yes, it’s very nice.
A: Blue is my favourite colour.
B: Really, it’s mine too.

Question Two – Where’s Dad’s mobile phone?
A: Jill. I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find my phone.
B: I think, it’s on your desk?
A: No, I can’t see it. Is it in the kitchen?
B: No, it’s not there, Tony. Look, it’s under that chair.

Question Three – What does Tony want for dinner?
A: Tony, do you want a burger or some chicken for dinner?
B: Well, I’d love a burger, but I had that for lunch. Do you have any pizza?
A: Yeah, we have a few slices left.
B: Sounds good. I’ll have that then.

Question Four – What sport does Bill play at school?
A: Do you play hockey at school Bill?
B: No. I can’t play hockey.
A: What sports do you play then?
B: My friends play basketball, but my favourite sport is baseball. I play it a lot.

Question Five – Which is Sue’s bike?
A: Hi, Sue. Is that your bike?
B: The red bike with the basket in the front.
A: Yes, that’s right.
B: No, that’s Jill’s bike. My bike’s blue.
A: So, is it the big one with no basket?
B: Yeah, that’s my bike.

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