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Five Short Conversations 1

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Five Short Conversations 1 Listening Exercise. Listen to people talking about different things happening in their life and then answer the questions afterwards. This provides practice for Listening Part 4 of the A2 Key examination.

About 5-10 minutes.Listening to different people speaking.Developing stages of learning English.
Listen to the recording.
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Five Short Conversations

Woman: Right. You know the beach clean up is next Wednesday and you have to be at school at eight o’clock because the bus leaves at eight-thirty. The bus can’t leave any later because there will be heavy traffic. I’d asked you all to bring some money for lunch, but a local restaurant has offered to give us lunch for free, so you don’t need any money for that. But make sure you bring some water with you.

Boy 1: Why didn’t you call me to say you’d be late?
Boy 2: Sorry, I was trying to text you in class, but my science teacher saw me, and took it and put it in her drawer. I couldn’t get it back until after lunch.
Boy 1: Oh dear! Are you going home for lunch?
Boy 2: Yes, I need to get my computer, as I have to use it in English for the last lesson.
Boy 1: You can borrow mine if you want. I have art in the afternoon so I don’t need it.

Girl: I got some new boots at the weekend. They’re the same as the ones in that music video we were watching the other day. I was surprised that they weren’t that expensive, but they are a bit uncomfortable, but they are in fashion at the moment so I don’t mind wearing them when we go out together.

Boy: You’d never guess what happened during my basketball game. There was this boy on the team and for some reason, he would never pass to me. I pass to him a lot, but every time he got the ball he would shoot and miss. I normally feel tired after a game but I was so mad that I didn’t want to have my dinner.

Harry: Emma, you’re at school early today. Did your dad bring you by car?
Emma: Actually, it was such a lovely day that I rode my bike to school.
Harry: You’re lucky. I had to take the bus and it was so crowded that I nearly got out and walked to school.
Emma: For me, I live too far from school so it would take too long to walk to school.

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