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Citizen of the World, global citizenWelcome to our free lesson the Global Citizen to give you practise for the IB English Language B exam. This is just one of the many lessons available to reinforce your learning so you feel confident when the IB English Language B exam day arrives. Our lessons are centred around five prescribed themes; identities, experiences, human ingenuity, social organization and sharing the planet. These themes are featured in the reading, writing, speaking and listening parts of the exam.

The Global Citizen: Speaking Practice

speaking practiceIn this lesson, we will practice our speaking skills by talking about being a global citizen. Watch our video that will guide you through the lesson. You will be asked to pause the video to complete the activities in the tabs below.

Exercise 1Exercise 2Exercise 3Word List

You are going to watch a video people explaining what is a global citizen. 

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Global citizens are people who have a sense of belonging to a world community they have open minds and open eyes they are willing to take actions to make this world a better place for everyone.

I’ll define a global citizen as someone who is able to take a perspective it isn’t limited to just them as an individual know they’re able to step back and consider things and how they affect everyone and a global citizen really understands that they’re part of not just a certain community but humanity
A global citizen is somebody that respects others all around the world that respect their culture their beliefs.
A global citizen in my mind just means that to respect others to respect what other people think other people believe.

A global citizen to me is somebody who has the capacity to look to analyze to put things into perspective and most importantly ask questions about things they don’t understand before they become critical.

I think the school does an amazing job preparing kids to be global citizens by simply exposing them to so many different cultural perspectives you know ways of thinking and experiences. I think an international school does a phenomenal job of preparing kids to be global citizens

Listen to Scott Harrison, founder of charity water reflect on the Global Citizen Festival. Answer the questions below.

More information about the Global Citizen movement here.

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Hi, this is Hugh Evans CEO of the global poverty project I’m here with Scott Harrison who’s the founder and CEO of charity water. Thank you so much for your time.

It is good to see you.

Great to see you too, so I’m interested in your reflections on the global citizen festival. What were your excited about with the global citizen festival and did it meet your expectation?

Well as a New Yorker, I was very excited about Central Park. I know at first you talked about some other options. It was like Hugh if you can get Central Park you’ve arrived and you know what better place to kind of tell the story to bring all these people together than in the middle of a Manhattan of New York City, so I was excited about that and of course the turnout was was unbelievable.

So tell me you, on stage at the festival, what was the commitment that charity water made?

So we said we’re going to raise a hundred million dollars for clean water by the end of 2015. Now we were about over five years old and I had only raised 50 million dollars right, so this is definitely turning up the volume. It’s a much quicker growth, but we absolutely think it’s possible and in fact, since the festival has raised another ten million dollars of that.

Wow, 10 million since the festival brilliant so if we were to do a festival again how could we help your global citizens really get behind you in the future you?

Know one of the ways that people have been raising extraordinary amounts of money. It’s through their birthday, so they’re giving up their birthdays, they’re saying I don’t need any gifts you know I’m blessed I have everything I want or need, and they’re asking for their age in dollars in donations from everyone. They know and we’ve seen it’s just take off the average person that donates their birthday raises over a thousand dollars from 13 of their friends. So you know, imagine if every single person that attended the festival gave up a birthday we’d have an incredible ten of millions of dollars to be able to use to help people.

So I’m interested in your ideas about how can the global citizen movement be of greatest service to charities all across the US. charities like your own.
Sure anyone’s most useful is when someone hears about a cause and they you know it captures their imagination, they engage but then they stay engaged right, so it’s not just that the cause of the week or the cause of the month. And it doesn’t need to be ours but you know I would challenge people to find out what they’re passionate about, and then, and give it a go for a while you know stay committed find out how you can partner with that organization if it’s giving time if it’s giving money for us. If it’s giving up a birthday or we’re running another kind of fundraising campaign it’s it’s sticking with it so I would I think that’s it I think it’s it’s engaging but then staying engaged.
Brilliant so obviously we want the global citizen movement to have a lasting impact for charities like yourself for the world’s poor for all the artists and everyone involved. What would be the last final message that you would leave to global citizens?
Why I think it’s learning about these issues. Pick one and just commit. The impact we’ve seen people make so far exceeds their own expectations. They’re their own dreams sometimes I mean we’ve had people climb mountains, we’ve had people skydive, we’ve had people walk across the country, we just had a nine-year-old girl ate rice and beans for a month to raise awareness and to raise money she wants to bring in clean drinking water to three communities. Our goal was one so I think it’s it’s really think that anything is possible to commit deeply to an issue you know get to know it and then just go after it and inspire your friends your family with the knowledge that you’ve picked up and inspired them to get involved.
Thank you so much for your time, Scott.
Really appreciate it congrats again.
Thank you.

Choose one of the prompts below and discuss it with your friend.

  • Why is it important to be a global citizen?
  • How can we encourage people to become a global citizen?
  • What skills should a global citizen have?

Here are the keywords and phrases covered in this lesson:

  • appreciate
  • become critical
  • captures someone’s imagination
  • commitment
  • donations
  • extraordinary
  • fundraising campaign
  • global citizen
  • perspective
  • poverty
  • raise awareness
  • reflections
  • respect their culture
  • staying engaged
  • unbelievable
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