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Welcome to our free resource to practise for the IGCSE ESL listening test about beekeeping. This is just one of many exercises to reinforce your learning so you feel confident when exam day arrives.

bees keeping in the city


Listening TestWord List

You will hear a radio presenter talking to a woman called Maria about beekeeping. Listen to the interview and look at the questions. For each question, choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

1. What made Maria decide to start keeping bees?

2. Maria has enough time to keep bees because

3. What has been Maria’s biggest problem so far?

4. Maria’s bees once became angry because

5. When Maria needed a new queen bee,

6. Maria is amazed by a movement called the ‘waggle dance’ because it shows

7. What does Maria say her greatest success has been?

8. What makes Maria most optimistic about the future of bees?


Here are keywords and phrases covered in beekeeping:

  • abroad
  • aggresive
  • beekeeping
  • behaviour
  • challenging
  • declining
  • diseases
  • documentary
  • journalist
  • old fashion hobby
  • observe
  • population
  • replace
  • rewards
  • source of food
  • temperature
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