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halloween discoWelcome to our free open resource Halloween Disco that gives you practice so you feel confident when the IGCSE ESL exam day arrives. Our lessons are centred around different themes. These themes are featured in the reading, writing, use of English speaking and listening parts of the exam.

Halloween Disco

Listening TestTranscriptWord List

You will hear a teacher giving a talk about a Halloween Disco. Listen to the talk and complete the details below. Write one or two words only in each gap. You will hear the talk twice.

Good morning everyone. I’m going to start by giving you all a quick update on plans for this year’s school disco. It’s only four weeks away now. As you know, the disco is a great opportunity for us to raise money for the school. We asked you all for suggestions as to how the money could be spent and received many interesting ideas. One popular idea was using the money for new speakers, though even more of you suggested getting some disco lights, and I don’t see why we shouldn’t do that.

Each year, we have a theme for the disco. The team organising the disco came up with several ideas, that you all had the chance to vote for, and I’m going to reveal the results now. There were two clear preferences, one was monster mash, and the other was zombies, although that was a few votes less.

The team organising the disco are still finalising the program, that includes some new activities, as well as many of the usual ones. We haven’t had the opportunity to try the photoshoot before, but hopefully, many of you will enjoy this as much as a dance competition, which was a new activity last year and proved extremely popular.

We’ve also decided on the competition that as usual is related to music. This year, we’re chosen a dance competition. We had some great suggestions that included hip hop but in the end, we’re going to give people a bit of a challenge. We’re going to try some line dancing.

Everyone will start at the same time and then judges will eliminate the dancer one by one until we have two left. Then we’ll have a dance-off and the winner will have a dance class at world dance studios, the runner-up will get a couple of movie tickets.

As usual, there will be a variety of stalls outside the disco. We have space for seven stalls, and so far have confirmed five of them, including one for each year group. I’ve already heard from Years 7 and 10, who will be selling homemade cakes and cookies, and there’ll be a face painting stall, as in previous years, run by Year 9. We would like to hear from the other classes by the end of next week, please.

As you can tell, the organising team have been working hard to get everything ready. Some of you have volunteered to help with things like printing tickets and setting up on the day; if anyone else could assist with making posters, the team would be very grateful. Just let me know, or speak to anyone in the team.

You could come along to the next planning meeting where we will be finalising all the details. Please note that if you look on the school calendar, the date and time for the meeting is right, but the venue is not. So if you have already written down room two six nine in your diaries, please change that to room two six one, and that’s next Monday lunchtime, for half an hour. Please come along if you’d like to help the team. Now, are there any questions before I move on to some quick announcements?

Here are keywords and phrases covered in this lesson:

  • challenge
  • competition
  • extremely
  • finalising
  • Halloween Disco
  • homemade cakes
  • organising
  • planning meeting
  • preferences
  • school calendar
  • stalls
  • suggestions
  • volunteers
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