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Talking about Family: Writing Practice

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talking about familyWelcome to our free lesson talking about family to give you practise for the IGCSE ESL exam. This is just one of the many lessons available to reinforce your learning so you feel confident when the IGCSE ESL exam day arrives. Our lessons are centred around common themes featured in the reading, writing, speaking and listening parts of the exam.

Talking about Family: Writing Practice

writingIn this lesson, we will practice our writing skills by talking about family. Watch our video that will guide you through the lesson. You will be asked to pause the video to complete the activities in the tabs below.

Exercise 1Exercise 2Exercise 3Word List
You are going to watch a video. This video explains why some people in America are moving into tiny houses.

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Tiny house movement is part of a social endeavour where people choose to downsize the space they live in. The typical American family home today is about 2600 square feet were told where tiny homes can range from just one hundred to 400 square feet. They come in all shapes and forms but just one size small with the focus on simplified living. In tonight’s making here report connecting point producer Dave Fraser visits a man from Wilbraham who is building his first tiny house.

Tiny house living is actually scaling down from these grandiose ways to paring down too much easier simpler life. I’ve always been interested in living spaces. My wife, as well she’s been interested in and how we use space.

A few years ago we stumbled upon this gentleman now starting a project and we are very interested with it and started exploring the possibilities of making our own.  So here I am walking into what is now really the kitchen already is a tiny house really technically on anything under 500 square feet that’s what they a tiny houses in America

So this is really the living space its small as you can see you know I’m about 5 feet 5 inches tall so you get you to know a little over six feet by maybe 6 fear living space this is the living room.

There are benefits obviously it sits on a flatbed trailer and we can build them in different sizes according to your needs. You don’t have to own here on the property you don’t have to pay the taxes on that land. It’s also it’s built on wheels so you really have to kind to kinda bill it to DOT standards.

So it’s it a different way other than living its much mark cost-effective but it also small luxury. We boxed in this stain glass window here actually bought this down in Boston and this is actually Sir Francis Drake which is he’s a rumoured to be part of our family and so I had it worked in bullet-proof glass.  So we had to take into account I don’t think about this but when you going down the road rocks fly up so we want to protect it and protect it and put bullet glass over this Victorian stained glass window. Actually people from what they for they looking at say I could never live in one of these until they actually stepped into it is too extreme for some people and I understand that you really have to consider the space that you use.

And it can get cramped especially I don’t know technically if I could with there with my wife my dog without to going crazy but to we’re willing to try it.

This was annexe a science experiment this was our first one we discovered that what the pitfalls were and what some of the benefits were. We had to make the bathroom door couldn’t really swing open because it’s just limited wasted space we made a pocket door that would just slide.

Things like that you really have to take into account. Opens up to reveal a to in incinerating toilet now this I found online and it’s actually pretty cool because you can’t open this up there’s a paper liner that goes in there do your business and use hit a button and actually incinerated its electric it’s clean and there’s no plumbing that’s the beauty of it.  So you know I’ve been following this trend since about 2009 religiously and the event ever watch been my team growing till its hitting the mainstream now is actually 3 shows on right now tiny house builders tiny house nation and tiny house hunters so it actually hit here some mainstream status and a lot of people are you know the same question you know is this something for us is this something you know it really symbolizes freedom and it’s catching on.

You could be asked to describe your family in an email to a friend or relative in the IGCSE ESL exam.

It is important to give your brother and sister names as you are supposed to be writing to your friend about real people.

In this type of email, it is important to mention your mum and dad too. Here are some sentences that you can use.

This is a video about how to write the following IGCSE ESL questions. Watch the video and try to answer the question.

You have recently been told that a cousin who you have never met will be staying at your home.

In your email, you should include the following:

  • say how you feel about seeing them
  • describe your house and family
  • explain the sleeping arrangements

Your email should be between 150 and 200 words long.

Here are the keywords and phrases covered in this lesson:

  • brilliant cook
  • get on with
  • going crazy
  • football fan
  • living space
  • mad about
  • mainstream status
  • simplified living
  • social endeavour
  • stumbled upon
  • symbolizes freedom
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Exercise 1: Read a text and answer a series of questions.

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Exercise 2: Read a text and answer questions, testing more detailed comprehension.

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Exercise 1 (Questions 1 -4) - Short answer exercises

Exercise 2 - (Question 5) Gap-filled exercises

Exercise 3 - Matching

Exercise 4 - Multiple Choice

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