IKEA Store in Beijing

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IKEA Store in Beijing listening exercise is a free resource to practice for the new IB Diploma English Language B Listening Paper. We add IB resources for all different English skills on a regular basis.

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IKEA Store in Beijing for the IB English Language B Listening Test

You will hear a reporter who visited an IKEA store in Beijing where he observed a new shopping experience for customers.

A. 1-3 Identify true or false statements: According to the reporter, which THREE statements are FALSE.

A. The cashier desks had many customers waiting to pay for their goods.

B. The reporter planned to stay at the store for a long time.

C. Some parents left their children on their own in the store.

D. The reporter was surprised to see customers sleeping in beds for sale.

E. There were children bringing in their homework to do at the desks.

F. The reporter saw customers cooking lunch at the display kitchens.

G. The reporter didn't plan to return again.

B. Gap-fill. Complete the text with one word.

When the reporter returned, one customer explained to him that when he is tired he often takes a (4) in one of the beds. He felt that it is important to try before you buy. In addition, he believed that it is good for (5) . As if a customer could sleep well there, it would mean the beds IKEA sells are very comfortable. The customer visits the store regularly as he says that it is better than going to the park as children are (6) to play plus you don’t have to pay for the coffee.

C. Multiple Choice. Choose the correct statement

7. The IKEA store is popular because

8. Chinese IKEA stores are different because


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