A2 Key Reading Part 3 Section 1 Set 8

This is A2 Key Reading Part 3 Section 1 Set 8 practice for the Cambridge Assessment English (KET) examination.

Read each question very carefully. Think about who is speaking and think about what the speakers are doing. This will help you decide what the function of the conversation is.

Speaker 1: Can I borrow your calculator, please.
Speaker 2: Of course, here you are.

The two speakers are young friends or family members. Speaker 1 is asking to borrow something. Speaker 2 is letting Speaker 1 borrow it.

Asking to borrow something = a function
Letting someone borrow something = a function

The first five questions are things you say in a conversation. For each sentence, you have to choose what the other person says next.  This part of the examination assesses your ability to read and find the right answer for everyday conversations.

A2 Key Reading Part 3 Section 1 Set 8


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