KET Reading & Writing | Part 3 Section 2 Set 3

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This is Set 3 Practice test for the Cambridge English KEY (KET) Reading & Writing Part 3 Section 2. This about a friend asking about a meeting that he missed about fitness.

This is the second part of Part 3 which is a longer conversation, but some sentences are missing. You have a list of sentences and you have to find the right sentence for each space. This part of the examination assesses your ability to read and find the right answer for everyday conversations.

For questions 1-5 choose the correct answer from the choices available.


Jack: Did you go to the meeting about fitness?

George: Yes, I did. Why weren't you there?

Jack: I was busy at work. Was it useful?

George: (1)

Jack: Did he? So what kinds of things did he suggest to do?

George: (2)

Jack: I try to do that every day. What about exercising?

George: (3)

Jack: That doesn't seem like much. Did he recommend anything else?

George: (4)

Jack: That sounds like a good deal. Do you want to go?

George: (5)

Jack: Ok. Let's go tomorrow to check it out.


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