A2 Key Reading Part 5 Set 4

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A2 Key Reading Part 5 Set 4

A2 Key Reading Part 5 Set 4 is practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 KEY Reading & Writing (KET) examination.This is a short text about visiting a fire station with eight numbered spaces.

Each space represents a missing word and you have to choose the right answer. This part of the examination assesses your ability to find the right structural word, e.g. a preposition like ‘for’ or ‘since’, or verb form like ‘keeping’, ‘keep’ or ‘kept’, etc.
Visiting a Fire Station

Read the article about visiting a fire station. Choose the best word for each space.

Meeting the firefighters

My name is Harry Webb. Last week, my class visited a fire station with our teacher. We meet James, (1) works at the fire station. James showed us (2) and told us about his job.

James is part of a team of firefighters called the Blue Watch. Every morning, he checks (3) the things in the fire engine to make sure (4) is missing. Everything must be in (5) right place. There is also a tall, empty building at the station where James (6) practise climbing in through the windows.

Jim let us (7) in the fire engine and try on the special clothes he wears, (8) we had to be careful not to start the engine or push the buttons!


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