A2 Key Reading Part 7 Set 3

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A2 Key grammar

This is Set 3 practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 KEY Reading & Writing (KET) examination for Part 7. In this example, it is a short email from Will who is inviting Harry to a barbecue birthday party down the beach with his two friends Kate and Megan.

There are ten missing words in the text and you have to find the right one for each space. This part of the examination assesses your ability to use grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

In Part 7 you:

  • read the email
  • fill in 10 gaps with one word in each gap
  • spell the words correctly.

Classroom Activities

Barbecue birthday party


Here are more exercises that will help you to pass the A2 Key (KET) examination. We add exercises on a regular basis, so why not bookmark our site, so you can come back to practice anywhere or at anytime of the day.

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