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Mermaiding Listening Exercise

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Mermaiding Listening Exercise is for students planning to take the IGCSE ESL Examination. This is an exercise based on the theme of sport, fitness and health.


This listening task contains keywords and phrases relevant to the theme of science and technology which is regularly covered in the IGCSE ESL exam.

Mermaiding Listening Exercise

Listening to someone talking about mermaiding which is a new swimming craze.

1. When you are mermaiding, you should call for help if…

2. The way you move when mermaiding…

3. Practising the sport of mermaiding helps you to…

4. The author thinks that the mermaid tail…

5. According to the report, which person says “…amazing for my self-esteem…”?

6. According to the report, which person says “…loved the Little Mermaid story…” ?

7. According to the report, which person says “… just in the fantasy stories…” ?

8. Which three of the following statements is true?



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