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Moscow listening exercise is a free resource to practice for the new IB Diploma English Language B Listening Paper. We add IB resources for all different English skills on a regular basis.


Moscow for the IB English Language B Listening Test

You will hear a reporter who has just revisited Moscow after 15 years.

A. Identify true or false statements: According to the reporter, which of the following statements are true or false?

1. The procedure at immigration is fast and modern.

2. It is fairly easy for tourists to enter Russia.

3. Many of the old buildings from the 1930s are no longer used by government departments.

4. The reporter is told that Moscow is very different from many European cities.

5. Moscow has the worst traffic in the world.

6. The reporter is surprised to find out that you have to pay to park your car in some parts of the city.

7. Using the metro is difficult if you have lots of things to carry.

B. Gap-fill. Complete the text.

According to the reporter, it can be quicker to (8) than take a taxi. However, one good thing about using a taxi is that the fare is (9) . This is due to competition from (10) . The reporter recalls in the past there weren’t many options and the conditions of many taxis meant the journey could be (11) .

C. Multiple Choice Choose the correct statement. 

12. The blue light in Moscow

13. The taxi driver believes that


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Input learning is the process of learning things from resources or other people and keeping them in our brain.
Output learning is the process of using things we learned or memorized.
Learning English requires not just a good vocabulary, but a strong foundation of English grammar to communicate effectively.

Word puzzles require not just a good vocabulary and a knack for spelling, but the ability to think logically and strategically.
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