KET Reading & Writing | Part 5 Set 1

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Night Shift

This is Set 1 Practice test for the Cambridge English KEY (KET) Reading & Writing Part 5. This is a short text about Night Shift with eight numbered spaces.

Each space represents a missing word and you have to choose the right answer. This part of the examination assesses your ability to find the right structural word, e.g. a preposition like ‘for’ or ‘since’, or verb form like ‘keeping’, ‘keep’ or ‘kept’, etc.

Read the article about Night Shift. Choose the best word for each space.

Read the article about night shift. Choose the best word for each space. Some people have to work (1) night. This is not very healthy because we are made to (2) active in the day and to rest at night. If we do the opposite, it can have a bad effect (3) a person's health. So, why do people do night shift?

Nowadays, many businesses offer a 24-hour service such (4) hotels, hospitals and some supermarkets. However, humans are most active in the middle (5) the day, and the time (6) they are least able to concentrate and work well is between 2 am and 4 am. This is because the body finds it very difficult to change to (7) opposite cycle and this will cause a lot of stress.

Unfortunately, things are not going to get better in the future because more and more businesses are working 24-hour cycles to keep (8) with our 24-hour society.


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